About Jack

In my 20 years professional corporate life, I headed internal audit and controls. My corporate roles demand a holistic view of situations and stakeholders interest, and be thorough and detail oriented. My training from the Chartered Financial Analyst course (CFA)  equipped me with financial analysis and portfolio management skills that provide assurance to investors on growing their wealth and generating better yields.

Why was I in real estate?

Well, I believe that each of us should be entitled to a chance to grow our wealth and have our dream home as long as we are willing to strive toward that goal! Over the years, including my own, I observed that the major difference between those who have achieved that goal and those who could not is….a lamp post, a light that shines a path towards that goal.

I want to be that lamp post.

We have often heard that to succeed in life, we need a clear goal.
To achieve a goal, we need a clear path.
To have a clear path, we need to have the know-how and resources.

I am a professional realtor who has experience and know-how on the real estate market in Singapore. I believe in working together with aspiring individuals to achieve their dreams.

Of course, real estate is not a small token investment.

Real estate returns is one of most stable and lucrative amongst classes of investment assets as long as prudent financing and asset portfolio management is taken.

I am here to handhold aspiring individuals to upgrade their living lifestyle, grow wealth, build retirement nest and if possible to continue this journey with their children going forward.

I am a believer in long term partnership so it is critical to take care of my client’s interest before my own within reasonable grounds. I believe in growing with my clients. They grow and I will grow because we are partners BUT they must grow first!

There are so many realtors out there, so what made me different?

Each realtor has their specialties and style of dealing with property transactions.

If you are looking for a trained investment professional with CFA knowledge, who believes in growing your wealth first before his own, and is thorough and detail oriented, we could have a get together for an hour and you could then decide if I am the realtor with extensive knowledge who could serve your needs.

To make an non-obligatory appointment, please click on my calendar to block my time.

Hope you are working with your ideal realtor because property transactions are usually the biggest we deal with in our lifetime!