Why Paying Property Agent Commissions in Singapore is a Wise Investment: Saving Time and Effort while Boosting Value and Profits

In the bustling real estate market of Singapore, engaging a property agent and paying their commission might initially seem like an added expense. However, this investment is far from just an additional cost; it’s a strategic move that saves time, reduces effort, and significantly boosts the value and profits of your property transactions. The digital era has transformed property marketing, and the complexities of transactions have deepened, making the expertise of a seasoned property agent not just beneficial but essential. This blog post will explore the myriad ways in which investing in a property agent’s commission is indeed a wise decision, ensuring smoother transactions, higher returns, and a more enjoyable property journey in Singapore.

A house buyer negotiating the property agent commission with the realtor

Property agent exposes a property to a wider group of audience

Sellers could list their property in classified advertisement in the Straits Times, Singapore most read newspaper, in magazines or on mailers.


However, the above approach does not expose a property to the online buyers community. Online exposure could be gained via online advertising platforms, Google advertisements, Facebook advertisements, Websites, etc.


Popular online property advertising platforms like PropertyGuru, 99.co, EdgeProp only allow licensed property agents to advertise on their platforms, and these platforms require annual subscription which cost thousands and if additional prime credits that allow an advertisement premium positioning were involved, total costs would be in tens of thousands.


Google and Facebook might be free social media but when advertising come into play, these media could easily cost thousands of dollars per month if the advertiser wish to gain a reasonable response rate.


Websites especially personal website of a popular agent which has a large following gained from an agent’s credentials and results would attract a large pool of audience. However, setting up a successful website would not only be costly but also need years of promotion before a large pool of followers would visit and patronise.


Property agent could be a valuable property planner

There are many moving parts in property deals especially when buying and selling were involved at the same time. Planning the timeline where funds from a sale to meet the funds requirement of a purchase is not an easy task. Many things could go wrong along the way and this would not only cause unnecessary frustration but also potential financial loss.


Would we plan for our own surgery and how the operation would take place or would we entrust these to the professional and just pay for their professionalism while being relax that we were in good hands and everything would fall naturally and easily in place. We just enjoy the final results?



Property agent could provide valuable market insights.

Information on properties is abundant and could be found always everywhere…and there lies the problems. When information is too readily available and disorganised, we would be inundated with so much disparate parts that we do not have a complete picture of the market and would not be able to make an informed decision.


When we hear market is picking up by x%, but which market?

Primary or secondary market?

Private or HDB?

Even within HDB, 3 room, 4 room, 5 room, Executive, etc could behave in a very different manner and move in different directions

HDBs in different part of Singapore also behave differently

A property that is 2 mins walk from MRT, 5 mins walk from MRT, 10 mins walk from MRT is priced quite differently.

There are just so many permutations of scenarios that even an amateur or less active property agent is lost! Imagine someone who make a living as a property profession is lost, where does that place us?

Bright and modern jumbo HDB apartment interior with open-plan living space, high ceilings, and large windows.

Property agent could be a valuable source to tap on.

Property agent build a wide plethora of contacts – bankers, lawyers, contractors, Interior designers, electricians, plumbers, food caterer, cleansing services, air conditional service companies, maid agencies, tailors, jewellers, etc….We name it and we would be surprise that they have contacts!


Property agents do not only have contacts, they know how these professionals work, their service level, their skill level, pricing, and so forth.

Especially when we have established a relationship with a competent property agent, the agent might bring what you require but that have not yet thought of to your attention, and provide several contacts for your consideration.

As we navigate through the intricacies of the Singapore real estate market, the significance of a property agent’s role becomes increasingly apparent. The commission paid to these professionals is not merely an expense but a valuable investment in your financial and personal well-being. Through their extensive services—from leveraging online platforms for wider exposure, offering nuanced market insights, to tapping into a broad network of industry contacts—property agents ensure that every dollar spent on their commission translates into saved time, reduced hassle, and enhanced property value and profitability. Engaging a property agent in Singapore is, therefore, not just a wise choice but a strategic approach to maximizing the potential of your real estate endeavors.

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