A 2 room condo at Artra, Alexandra was rent at $7500/month!

Are the tenants nuts? Are they out of their mind?
When is this craziness heading?

Is there no end?
Well, the good news is that the rent of private condominium has dropped by 0.6% in May 2023!

Is this drop supported and sustainable?
5,164 condos were rent out in May 2023, a drop of 8.2%!

So the number of tenants in Singapore has dropped?

Then where did they go?
The number of HDB rented also dropped by 10.2% to 2,857 units.

The where did the tenants go?
Well, 19,291 condominiums are expected to be ready for occupancy and 23,000 HDBs are expected to be delivered in 2023!

So many of the existing tenants have moved into their completed house!

Do you believe residential property rental would continue to drop?

Do you believe the high interest environment would cause some owners to sell their units if rental were to drop?

Do you believe the high rental is a blessing for landlords who were complimenting their income with these rentals?