How is the resale condominium market doing in 2Q2023?

How is resale price trend?

On year-on-year basis, prices increased by 7.8% based on URA data.

Prices of resale condominium increased by 0.6% in 2Q2023 compared to 2.9% in 1Q2023.

How is resale price volume?

Resale volume dropped 1.5% to 2,376 units compared to 2,413 units in 1Q2023.

In 2Q2023, resale prices in city fringes (Rest of Central Region) increased 2.7% and Outside Central Region increased 2.8%, and Core Central Region decreased by 0.8% compared to 1Q2023.

What is the major transacted resale price?

Nearly a third of resale properties were transacted between SGD 1 million and SGD 1.5 million. Nearly 23.9% were transacted under SGD 1.5 million and SGD 2 million. The sweet spot appeared to be between SGd 1 million and SGd 2 million.

Do you believe that currently is the best time to upgrade from high priced resale HDB to resale condominium?

Do you believe that resale condominium price will trend upwards as more new condominiums were completed?

How do you see the resale price and private rental as more condominiums reached their TOP?

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